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Jeremy Chipps

Jeremy Chipps provides updates, articles and advice about what and where to eat at the track and around the town at the best race courses in America, as well as where to catch some zzz’s.

Our Features:

  • Race Track Fast Facts – Racy details from history of the track to fastest laps and other serious stuff.

  • Winning Bites – Our advice on scrumptious stuff to eat – from driver’s favorite joints to tasty pit stops we have discovered along the course. We may even share one of our own favorite chef-style recipes for home cookin’.

    Paddock area - Road America at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
    Paddock area – Road America at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
  • Where to Eat:


Local joints 

Chef-style at home          

Food and Track    


  • Where to Stay:   Snooze Sites – Resorts and pillow places to call your own while visiting the track from luxury resorts to B & B’s and good clean economy options.

Emsleep sitesail us! info@foodandtrack.com. Send your favorite: Track, race-food, local joint and sleep site. If we use it we’ll send you a foodandtrack koozie!